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Learning Leaf is an exceptional tutoring and education service provider offering unique solutions to students in Kindergarten through college. With a focus on the individual, Learning Leaf helps students achieve success in more than just academics, building confidence and ensuring motivation. Our educators are highly trained and hand-picked to meet your family’s needs.

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    Kids Business Fair is Back!

    Kids create a product or service, develop a brand, build a marketing strategy, and then open for customers at this one-day marketplace. On the day of the fair, children will be assigned a booth and are responsible for the setup, sales, and interacting with customers.
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    Tutoring for Everyone

    We pride ourselves on our approach to tutoring. We make sure to meet the student where they are and consider more than just acadmics. Confidence is possibly the most important lesson learned! Read more

    How We’re Different

    At Learning Leaf, we work a little differently than most private tutors or tutoring companies. We look at all aspects of the student as a learner, including academic, social, and emotional. We also recognize that the student is part of a family unit and understand that parents and siblings are affected by the struggles of the student. As part of our tutoring at Learning Leaf, we help parents to understand why we use the methods we use and how they can use them with the student as well. Research has shown that a greater indicator of future success is NOT the school a student attends, rather success is affected by how involved their parents are with their learning. By caring as much as you do, you are setting your child up to be that much more successful!

    Learning Leaf Tutors

    Session Options

    Maintaining academics while at home will help students approach their education with a foundation of knowledge and confidence. Sessions may focus on one subject or cover an array of subjects.


    Our clients mean the world to us! We are thankful to work with such amazing students and their families. Turns out the feeling is mutual. Check out some nice things our clients have said about us.

    Only The Best Tutors

    Qualified. Dependable. Trusted. They must not only have a degree and experience in their subjects but have specific knowledge in varying learning techniques and methods.


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    Letter from the founder, Kristy DiGiacomo, M.Ed.

    Thanks for your possible interest in tutoring, we look forward to working with you!

    We have made some exciting changes to Learning Leaf and have hired some learning experts to help make Learning Leaf the best resource for parents. Not only will we serve our hometown area of Columbus, Ohio, but are able to expand across the world. Meeting with students remotely can be just as effective as meeting in person and allows for more flexibility. While this will (and has always) be an option, we truly are grateful to be able to offer in-person tutoring again.

    We have reworked our pricing structure and are able to provide tutoring on any budget. We also have some great new options available such as group tutoring, a tutoring co-op, and language courses.

    I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with your family and I am dedicated to providing excellent, safe, and loving services to everyone.


    Kristy DiGiacomo