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Learning Leaf is an exceptional tutoring and education service provider offering unique solutions to students in Kindergarten through college. With a focus on the individual, Learning Leaf helps students achieve success in more than just academics, building confidence and ensuring motivation. Our educators are highly trained and hand-picked to meet your family’s needs.

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    How We’re Different

    At Learning Leaf, we work a little differently than most private tutors or tutoring companies. We look at all aspects of the student as a learner, including academic, social and emotional. We also recognize that the student is part of a family unit and understand that parents and siblings are affected by the struggles of the student. As part of our tutoring at Learning Leaf, we help parents to understand why we use the methods we use and how they can use them with the student as well. Research has shown that a greater indicator of future success is NOT the school a student attends, rather success is affected by how involved their parents are with their learning. By caring as much as you do, you are setting your child up to be that much more successful!

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    Maintaining academics while at home will help students approach their education with a foundation of knowledge and confidence. Sessions may focus on one subject or cover an array of subjects.


    Our clients mean the world to us! We are thankful to work with such amazing students and their families. Turns out the feeling is mutual. Check out some nice thins our clients have said about us.

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    Qualified. Dependable. Trusted. They must not only have a degree and experience in their subjects, but have specific knowledge in varying learning techniques and methods.


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    July 27, 2020

    Letter from founder, Kristy DiGiacomo, M.Ed.

    Thanks for your possible interest in tutoring for this fall, we look forward to working with you!

    I will have more information as we get closer to school starting but I’m working on formulating a plan so that all of us at Learning Leaf can be prepared. I will be doing online learning for my own kids so I know the concerns for needing academic help and socialization. Learning Leaf will try to provide a socialization aspect to tutoring but I’m thinking through some ideas to see if this is something we can offer to families, I’m just very unsure how this will look. 

    I will be honest with you, I’ve taken this summer one day at a time as this has proved to be more a struggle for me than I had hoped and it seems similar for other families as we have had significantly fewer clients this summer. Therefore, I’ve had to dedicate my time to other areas. I’m hopeful that it will be a more prosperous year. However, paired with the uncertainty of life during the pandemic, I’ve not been able to develop a concrete plan for Learning Leaf because things seem to change weekly, sometimes daily. I ask for your patience and understanding while I figure out what will work best for everyone. Please trust that I am a resourceful, creative and excellent problem solver so I know that I will come up with something! My utmost goal is to continue to provide quality education services to families in a loving and safe environment for both the students and the tutors. I will certainly keep you updated as a plan formulates. 
    What I know now is that I am making the difficult decision to only provide tutoring online but this can (and hopefully will) change when I can figure out a way for it to be safe for tutors and students. As of right now, I cannot afford to take the risk of clients or tutors getting sick because they decided to meet in person.

    I also know that I will be offering group tutoring rates but still need to work out what that will be. Normally our tutoring individually is $65 per hour, but am working on package deals to help families needing more than one or two hours per week. 

    I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with your family and I am dedicated to providing excellent, safe, and loving services to everyone.


    Kristy DiGiacomo