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About Learning Leaf

Learning Leaf was started in 2012 by Kristy DiGiacomo to fulfill a need for students to achieve academic and personal successes. Her goal is to help students not only academically, but as an individual. She sees great value in looking at students as a whole person, rather than just their academic skills. These include social skills, time management, organization, motivation, and happiness. If a student is not happy, or motivated, they may never achieve academic success to their full potential.DSC_0524

There are many factors contributing to a student’s success or failure.  By helping students all around, Learning Leaf tutors are able to assist students to achieve success.  Sometimes tutors are able to reach the students directly, but other times just supporting the parents is enough to achieve improvement.

Kristy received her Bachelors of Science from the University of Dayton with a major in psychology and a minor in biology and her Masters of Education from the Ohio State University in Special Education. Her studies have specialized in child development, behavior, and child psychology.  Conveniently her first hire was her husband, Jim DiGiacomo, a chemistry teacher.  Jim has his Masters of Education in Teaching and Learning of Physical Science from the Ohio State University. He earned his Bachelors of Science in Chemistry at the University of Dayton. He has been teaching at Dublin Jerome High School for 10 years.