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Mission Statement


We value hard-work, confidence, strength, determination, a sense of humor, and kindness. Utilize the resources you have, including your awesome-self, to create a difference. Think about others and think about yourself and then take the time to enjoy life. Share with others what you have learned. Never stop learning.


It is the vision of Learning Leaf to become a top provider of education services to the Central Ohio region. We will be an integral partner with the community, providing educational services to all learners through individual consultations, workshops, and school programs.


Support learners through exceptional educational services, programs, guidance and resources to:

  • Reinforce and supplement classroom instruction
  • Improve learning efficiency and effectiveness
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence as students and as individuals
  • Support the student in becoming flexible, active, independent and collaborative learners
  • Help learners set both short-term and long-term goals to make them aware of what they are working toward


Teach learning strategies so that the learner has strategies that are transferable and effective for any learning environment and situation to put students in control of their own learning. Students will gain confidence, establish patterns of lifelong learning, and achieve immediate, as well as, long-term goals for success.

  • encourage students to think and to solve problems for themselves
  • provide opportunities for students to become aware of their own learning patterns and appropriate study/learning strategies
  • encourage participatory,hands-on learning, and invite questioning
  • require students to take responsibility for their own learning through preparation and participation.