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Create-Your-Own-Adventure Camps

Learning Leaf’s Create-Your-Own-Adventure Summer Camps

Welcome to our unique take on summer camp to help keep our kids active and engaged during the summer while having fun. While kids would be more than happy to play video games all day (or maybe that’s just mine!), I would love for them to experience summer while boosting their problem-solving skills in preparation for the upcoming school year.  These Create-Your-Own-Adventure Summer Camps will incorporate reading, writing, experiences, activities, and exploration.

How do they work?

These camps are FREE!

You select the camp below. You will be taken to a slide show that will present you with an interactive camp experience. You will work through the slide clicking on the links that will lead your adventure. The camp has the needed materials listed, as well as, suggested materials for a more in-depth camp experience.  Feel free to explore more either online and in the real world.  Make the camp your own!

Each camp is differentiated so you are encouraged to participate along with your child to make this a more memorable experience for everyone!

Biodiversity Scientist: Backyard Camp

For campers interested in learning more about the natural life around them. You will contribute to a national wild-life study during this camp.

Materials needed:

  • Computer/iPad/smartphone
  • Internet
  • Smartphone/iPad with internet access
  • Download the iNaturalist app

Suggested Materials:

  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Notepad/clipboard
  • Pencil/pen
  • Magnifying Glass

(Open the slide show in a new tab to enable the links to work. Please note due to financial constraints from Covid-19, I had to end my Canva paid account so the watermarks will remain on some graphics)