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Prevent the Summer Slide

Stave off summer learning loss by enrolling in summer tutoring sessions. With continued summer learning opportunities, students stay focused, confident and can catch up where they may have fallen behind. Ask us about summer availability.
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Tutoring on Your Terms

Learning Leaf provides a variety of options convenient for any family or situation. No long-term contracts and flexible scheduling provided where you need. Whether you prefer your home, a library, or a local coffee shop, we meet when and where works best for you. We also have specialized on-line options that allow for last minute questions the night before a big test.
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Only The Best Tutors

Qualified. Dependable. Trusted. Each tutor is hand-picked to work with each student. Only the best tutors qualify for a position with Learning Leaf. They must not only have a degree and experience in their subjects, but have specific knowledge in varying learning techniques and methods.
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How We’re Different

At Learning Leaf, we work a little differently than most private tutors or tutoring companies. We look at all aspects of the student as a learner, including academic, social and emotional. We also recognize that the student is part of a family unit and understand that parents and siblings are affected by the struggles of the student. As part of our tutoring at Learning Leaf, we help parents to understand why we use the methods we use and how they can use them with the student as well. Research has shown that a greater indicator of future success is NOT the school a student attends, rather success is affected by how involved their parents are with their learning. By caring as much as you do, you are setting your child up to be that much more successful!

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Session Options

Maintaining academic activities throughout the year helps students approach their education with a foundation of knowledge and confidence. Sessions may cover an array of subjects or focus on one specific subject.

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Group Sessions

Learning Leaf is now offering group sessions. These sessions will allow for tutoring in a small group setting at a discounted rate. The sessions will target particular skills in a certain subject so that students become fluent and confident.

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Summer Discounts

Tutoring sessions available to fit the needs of you and your family. Book between May 31-Aug 15 to lock in discounted pricing.

  • 30 minutes; 1 hour; 2 hours sessions
  • Skype sessions available

Testimonials about the tutors at Learning Leaf :

from parents, teachers and principals

“I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate all that you are doing and how much she enjoys it. It is such a relief to me to have her enjoying learning new math concepts and to be making progress. We were at a critical point where our daughter was really upset and down on herself about math. I feel that she is really coming around in her math confidence. I just wanted to personally thank you for all that you have done. She told me the other day that you are her “favorite teacher”. I wanted you to know how much we appreciate everything and how happy we are to have found a situation that is such a good fit for her.”
— Parent of 5th Grade Student, Hilliard Elementary School
“I really, really appreciate all the work you are doing with him!
— First Grade teacher, Dublin Elementary School
“Everyone that we are working with, teachers, therapist, has remarked on how well he is doing and all of the credit goes to you.”
— Parent of Sophomore, Dublin High School
“I am so glad you’re working with him. He made huge strides in the second half of the year, and I know that your involvement had a lot to do with that.”
— Assistant Principal, Dublin Coffman High School
“I’m so glad you’re involved now; he really likes you and I think your help is a godsend. He and I worked together all evening and it was very hard for him but I managed to lead him through it. He was quite relieved.”
— Parent of 7th grader, Dublin Middle School

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