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Learning Leaf to Host 2nd Annual Children’s Business Fair

Observe the opportunity for children to launch their very own startup business! Kids develop a brand, create a product or service, build a marketing strategy, and then open for customers at our one-day marketplace. We are hoping to double last year’s booths so we will host around […]

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Alternative Study Guides

Does your child seem to put hours into studying for a test, but the end result is a not so good grade on the test? Typical scenario: student is given a study guide, they look up the answers to the questions, and then spend time reading what they wrote […]

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Teaching Abroad – An American Perspective of Korean Education

International Education Series By: Sophia Viglione When you travel, you tend to meet other travelers: it’s arguably the best part of exploring a new place. I found this to be true when I met other Americans while teaching in Italy. After our time in Italian classrooms, one […]

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Maximize Interest and Increase Student Engagement

By: Sophia Viglione Out the window. That is where I remember staring longingly as the teachers of my youth droned on about seemingly useless information in the classroom. The things that I liked were out the window: grass, the sun, my bike, ice cream trucks, my neighborhood—and so […]

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Summer Tutoring Leads to Success

By: Sophia Viglione   In the 5th grade, my best friend at school moved away suddenly when her father got a new job. This experience caused enough distraction that I fell behind in math during the remainder of 5th grade. My mom took note of my slipping […]

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