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Now Hiring – Manager

If you have been given this website link, please fill out the application below. This position is intended to start running Learning Leaf as an active partner with the owner. The aim will be for the manager to take over day-to-day operations with the owner working as a consultant. Pay will be based on your success as you will help determine your pay as the position progresses and you gain operation of the business’s costs and profit. There will be a monthly compensation of $900 which works out to a little over $9.50 an hour for the first three months of the position with the expectation of working 15 to 20 hours per week until the current client base is expanded upon and then reevaluated to increase after learning the position. A business loan has been secured to allow up to 8 months to learn the position and grow it.

Download and return the below application to kristy@mylearningleaf.com.