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Summer Special Offer

For a limited time, Learning Leaf is offering a free tutoring session!

This has been a challenging year to say the least. Students this year have made the most of a crazy situation and they have done amazing, and so have you mom and dad! Our kids have learned a lot this year about perservence, being flexible, and understanding that things don’t always go the way we think they will but it will be all right in the end. And we are all ready, kids, parents, educators, to move forward. If you feel your child needs a little boost in confidence with their education, sign up below!

Learning Leaf is offering a free 30-minute online tutoring session for students. Students sign up before June 4! There are a limited number of spaces so don’t hesitate. Each session will be tailored to the student’s current level. You have the option to choose reading, writing, math, spanish, memory exploration, learning skills, or learning reflection. The student may be entered into a session with up to two other students.

Reading, writing and math will focus be a fun activity based on the child’s grade level in school.

Spanish will be for any experience levels from students beginners to fluent.

Memory exploration will introduce students to memory tricks that with memory retention.

Learning skills will focus exploring different types of study strategies.

Learning reflection will be a guided practice in the student reflecting on the previous year’s learning experiences, determining what went well and what needs improvement and setting a goal for their future learning success.

There are limited sessions available so do not hesitate. Once our tutors schedules are full we will not be able to accept any more students. To sign up click on the button below and we will collect information to set you up with an amazing tutor. Please allow 3 to 5 days to process your request.