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Summer Tutoring Leads to Success

By: Sophia Viglione


In the 5th grade, my best friend at school moved away suddenly when her father got a new job. This eKid in poolxperience caused enough distraction that I fell behind in math during the remainder of 5th grade. My mom took note of my slipping grades in math, and set up weekly sessions with a summer tutor to catch me up in 5th grade math and give me a preview for 6th grade material. Looking back on that summer, I now realize that my tutor was not only educating me in math, she was helping me foster a healthy, can-do attitude towards studying and academics as a whole. Now as an adult and professional tutor myself, I am extremely glad my mom signed me up for tutoring through the summer as I have learned that…


  1. Tutoring is proven to be more effective than learning in a conventional classroom.


While working with my tutor in the summer between 5th and 6th grade, I remember completing math lessons with my tutor and thinking, “Why didn’t my teacher just say that in class?” Chances are, my classroom teacher probably did explain the concepts—she most likely explained them more than once. However, I needed the one-on-one attention and encouragement that a tutor provides in order to understand the material. I’m not alone in this phenomenon. Researchers at Chicago University proved the effectiveness of tutoring in a study which compared conventional classroom learning to the learning which takes place in one-on-one tutoring. In the study, they separated students into groups. The first group of “conventional learners” consisted of students in classrooms with 30 students per teacher. These conventional learners were taught the same material as the students in the second group, who were taught the lessons by a personal tutor. The study determined that the average tutored student performed above 98% of the students in the conventional learning classroom.[1] This finding illustrates the statistical trend that tutored students scored higher than students taught in a conventional classroom even when they were taught the same material in the same amount of time. This is extremely relevant for the continued success of students who may need to catch up on academics over the summer. Especially considering that…


  1. Summer “Learning Loss” is proven.


Summer is a time when Student working with tutorkids should be kids, but that does not mean they should forget how to be students. Studies show that summer breaks without academic stimulation negatively affect student performance. According to researchers at Arcadia University, summer math instruction increases student performance in math. Not only did math scores improve among the students in the study, but their attitudes towards math improved as well.[2] For students who struggled with a subject in the past grade, summer is an opportune time to catch up on last year’s material, prevent “learning loss,” and look ahead to next year’s curriculum. If you aren’t sure where to look for summer tutoring…


  1. Contact Learning Leaf for more information or a consultation.


Through Learning Leaf, parents can arrange one-on-one or small group tutoring to ensure that their child maintains and builds academic skills throughout the summer. In order to keep your child on track, contact Learning Leaf with questions about the various available tutoring services this summer. In order to best serve our students, Learning Leaf provides whole-student tutoring with the goal of addressing each student as an individual with unique academic and social needs and goals. Our highly qualified tutors cater all lessons to each student, combat the “difficult” subjects, build confidence in academics, and propel each student forward toward the upcoming material. The summer after I was tutored, I remember learning algebra with a new sense of determination. Your child can experience the same renewed confidence in school: contact Learning Leaf today!


[1] Benjamin Bloom, “The 2 Sigma Problem: The Search for Methods of Group Instruction as Effective as One-To-One Tutoring.” American Educational Research Association. July, 1984.

[2] Danielle Bianco-Sheldon, “The Effectiveness of Math Tutoring to Prevent Learning Loss Over the Summer.” Arcadia University. 2007.